Call For Abstracts

Abstract submission opens 15th February 2020. All abstracts shall be submitted by 15th April 2020. Please take note of the following rules:

* Only one abstract per leading author is allowed.
* The official language of the conference is English. No translation service will be available.
* Choose your preferred mode of presentation: oral or poster. Final decision pending decision by the reviewing committee.
* Choose the most appropriate conference topic related to your presentation. Note that this is intended only as a guide for the review committee. The abstract may be placed under a different theme if necessary after review.
* Abstract are allowed one figure or one table that would enhance the text. This is not mandatory.
* The abstract MUST BE UPLOADED DURING REGISTRATION when filling out the LED2020 Registration Form.

Use the Conference Abstract Template to prepare your submission and name your Word document as following: “Surname – Topic Number”.