Basic research and new developments

This session invites contributions related to both basic research and new advances on both luminescence and ESR methods including protocols, modelling, materials and  applications.

Novel Developments in Instrumentation

This session aims to show-case advances in equipment and accessories development.

Data Analysis and De Determination

Understanding different approaches to Data Analysis and De determination are a key aspect in Trapped Charged Dating. An overview of basic and novel analytical techniques is the aim of the session.

Advances in Environmental Dose Rate Determination

For this session, we invite contributions related to the improvement and advances in characterisation, measurement, and calculation of environmental dose rates for dating applications. Showcasing problematic case studies as well as dose rate multi-method comparisons is encouraged.

Environmental Dose Rates, Reconstruction and Retrospective Dosimetry

For this session, we invite contributions from all aspects of dosimetry, not necessarily focused only on dating (e.g., radiation dosimetry; accident, incident, radiological dosimetry, etc.).

Chronologies of archaeo-palaeontological archives: advances & applications

Innovative dating approaches and new chronologies related to archaeological and palaeontological sites are welcomed to be presented in this session.

Advances & Applications in Quaternary geological chronologies

Quaternary environments have been extensively dated with Trapped Charged Methods. We invite contributions that would provide innovative dating approaches as well as new chronologies for different geological contexts.

Multi-method comparisons

This multidisciplinary session aims to bring together results that have been obtained by Trapped Charged Dating methods as well as other independent chronologies.