Welcome to our 16th LED International Conference!!

The amaXhosa Beaded Rod
The New Handover Ceremony

At the 15th LED International Conference held in 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa, a new Handover Tradition was instituted: the 2017 LED Host (Chairperson) made a Ceremonial Handover to the Host of the next LED Conference to be held in 2021 in Burgos, after the Spanish Laboratories won the bid process that took place during the Gala Dinner Event.
It is hoped that this new tradition will continue and future conferences will handover in the same manner initiated in Cape Town in 2017.


The handover was made by literary handing over a beaded rod called the IGQUDU in the ISIXHOSA Language. This rod is traditionally carried by a Praise Poet who recites emotive verse, recounts history or makes social commentary with ceremony and exuberance. Poetically, carrying the IGQUDU exudes authority and implies importance.

Meaning of the Handover for LED Conferences

Handing over the IGQUDU to a prospective LED Host City is meant to set the result of a vote, the privilege to host a LED Conference. This Rod of Authority means that the next Host City has won the confidence, without duress, of delegates worldwide as the rightful and able host of the conference. The recipients of the rod will receive it solemnly and bear witness to themselves as worthy of the trust placed in them by delegates from all over the World.


Hosts of LED Conferences should accord the Handover a dignified pageantry and where necessary, improvise to reflect the traditions and circumstance of the region where the conference is held. In whatever form, the IGQUDU should be handed over with the knob up and never upside down.