History of LED

In 1970, the 1st International Specialist Seminar Series on TL took place followed by another meeting in 1975. These two meetings were the first steps of what has becomed our international gathering, even though it was only focused on the luminescence method. In 1982, at the 3rd International Specialist Seminar Series on TL held in Helsingor (Denmark), the ESR dating method was presented. In the next edition, held at Worm (Germany) in 1984, “ESR dating” was included in the title of the Seminar. The conference was renamed as the 4th International Specialist Seminar on TL and ESR dating. This International Seminar was then held regularly every 3 years until 1996: Cambridge (United Kingdom), Clermont-Ferrand (France) and Vienna (Austria). At the 8th edition of the meeting in 1996, held in Canberra (Australia), the name was changed to International Conference on Luminescence and ESR Dating (LED). Since then, the LED Conference has been held every 3 years at various locations around the world: Rome (Italy, 1999), Reno (USA, 2002), Cologne (Germany, 2005), Beijing (China, 2008), Torun (Poland, 2011), Montréal (Canada, 2014) and Cape Town (South Africa, 2017).

In this 16th edition of LED finally being hosted in Burgos (Spain) in 2021, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the creation of this international gathering. To crown this event we will be launching our so expected Trapped Charged Dating Association (TCDA).

Happy 50th Anniversary LED Community!!

Torún 2011

Montréal 2014

Cape Town 2017