Trapped Charge Dating Association

As many of you now know, the initiative to establish a Professional Association for Luminescence & ESR Dating – provisionally termed TCDA (Trapped Charge Dating Association) arose from discussions at LED2017 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Over the 3 years between LED2017 and LED2020 International Conferences, Working Groups (WG) whose members are spread across the World, have been working on and coming forward with a proposal for the establishment and launching of the TCDA at our next international gathering in Burgos, Spain, during LED2020.

Members of the WGs represent every country and continent were Luminescence and ESR laboratories exist. There is 1 representative per country and up to 3 members per region (so far with 2 exceptions). As per the last table update (June 2019), the WGs and Members are as follows:

This information is also available at the TCDA website.

The Initial Discussion Document summarizing the discussions held during LED2017 and suggesting discussion topics for the upcoming Regional Meetings circulated on 4th October 2017. A number of responses to the initial document and further discussions at various Regional Meetings around the World followed. They are all available at the TCDA website hosted in Ancient TL. We encourage the entire LED Community to read these documents and be up to date on the discussions, issues and suggestions, to be prepared for the constitution of our Association at a special event during LED2020.

News related to the Association will continue to be posted on the TCDA website. This section of the LED2020 website will stream news and events concerning the launching of the Association in Burgos. Please refer to both sites often as information may be uploaded more frequently just prior to LED2020.

Let’s all be an active part of our Association!!