One permanent position of technician for the Electron Spin Resonance dating laboratory

DEADLINE: 30 September 2020
POSITION: ESR dating technician
AREA: Technical
PROCEDURE: Public call for selection by competitive examination


1. General guidelines
The selection process has been convened for one position of Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) laboratory technician, a post within the structure and and therefore for an indefinite term, with a trial period of six months.
The selection process will be carried out through the competitive merit system, with respect to the constitutional principles of freedom of competition, equality, merit, capacity and publicity, with the evaluations and scores specified below, in the corresponding section and annex.

2. Purpose of the contract and functions to be discharged:
Within the Technical Area, and reporting to the Laboratory Manager, the duties and responsibilities of the laboratory technician, taking into account the nature of the CENIEH as an ICTS, of its laboratories and its Quality and Occupational Health and Safety Policy, shall include the following:

  • Promote the efficacy and continuous improvement of the laboratory and the CENIEH itself in accordance with its Quality and Occupational Health and Safety Policy, by means of the Quality and OHS Management System, and undertaking the duties and responsibilities in relation to OHS appropriate to the position.
  • Participate in R+D projects, contracts, scientific-technical training and outreach programs, and advise in relation to the scope of the post, in a manner consistent with the other duties.
  • Furnish support to and facilitate the supervision of the Laboratory Manager, Geochronology researchers and Management, each within the scope of their functions.
  • Assist users, supporting and offering technical, logistical and safety advice to the users of the infrastructure, both internal and external. This assistance shall apply to all the access modes.
  • Take responsibility for the reception of samples and process traceability, ensuring that the user requirements are documented and interpreted, and keeping up fluid communication to guarantee these.
  • With regard to the principal process of the ESR dating laboratory, participate in the following stages and procedures, both associated to the laboratory and transversal:
    • Conduct fieldwork to obtain samples and for dosimetry when required.
    • Physical and chemical preparation of samples, including all processes of the procedures involved.
    • Capture, processing and interpretation of data. Write and sign reports on analytic results in collaboration with the line research
  • With regard to the ESR laboratory operations:
    • Manage perishable and inventoriable material of the laboratory, waste, and reception and storage of ESR laboratory samples.
    • Draft the procedures and technical instructions and forms for the different processes of the laboratory, validating and implementing every one of the same.
    • Participate in andsupport the development and updating of ESR dating methods in collaboration with laboratory management and the person in charge of the research line.
    • Guarantee the proper functioning of the ESR laboratory equipment and that of shared use, establishing the needs for maintenance, calibration and/or verification, carrying out the tasks required and keeping records of the same.
    • Train technical or technical support staff, internal and external users and personnel in general who perform work in the ESR laboratory as part of their duties, and keeping records of the same.
  • Participate in any other tasks proper to their scope or, where appropriate, their professional group, that are necessary to meet the objectives of the position, the Laboratory, and the Center.

3. Requirements of candidates:
Minimum requirements that applicants must meet on the day of the deadline for submission of applications:

  • University degree with master’s in Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Geography or similar

Once admitted to the process, the following aspects detailed in Annex I will be evaluated in particular:

  • Possession of a doctorate related to some technique of the laboratory shall be a significant advantage
  • Training as Operator/Supervisor of Radioactive Facilities for scientific purposes as defined in the Royal Decree 1836/1999, which approves the regulations for nuclear and radioactive facilities. Failure to hold this qualification shall not be grounds for exclusion from the process, although the candidate selected shall be required to obtain it within a period of approximately 6 months from their incorporation, as otherwise, the employment contract could be rescinded
  • Training in techniques and/or processes applicable to the position shall be assessed, as shall training in Quality and OHS Management.
  • Experience and technical skills in testing techniques related to the duties: collection of samples in the field, physical and chemical preparation of samples including acid attacks and handling HF, measurements using ESR spectrometry equipment (in X-band and Q-band), measurement using gamma spectrometry with germanium detectors (HpGE) in the laboratory and with portable field gamma probes, gamma irradiation of samples, preparation of sediments for element analysis using ICP-OES or ICP-MS.
  • Work experience in laboratories with quality standards in place. Experience with ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 shall be assessed, while work in environments with other quality and/or OHSstandards may be assessed too.
  • Intermediate level (B1-B2) of scientific-technical English. In the event that Spanish is not the applicant’s mother tongue, the same shall undertake to speak and understand that language within a period of no more than 1 year from their incorporation.
  • Personal skills and ability to interact and collaborate with scientists, technicians or users from different disciplines.
  • Capacity to adapt to the organization and procedures of the Center and the ICTS. Capacity for organizationand communication.

4. Applications:
Those who would like to participate in this process should send the following documentation, indicating the reference of the position applied for (REF: TECN ESR_05/2020), via the CENIEH website, by email to the address, or else by regular mail to the address: Paseo Sierra de Atapuerca, 3  09002 Burgos, Spain:

Curriculum vitae detailing the specific training and experience to be assessed in the process

Description of work experience with detailed description of their technical experience in relation to the position, of maximum size one sheet on both side (font Arial 11 or equivalent).

Employment history issued by the Tesorería de la Seguridad Social, orequivalent certificates for those who have worked in other countries.

Academic degree or certification to be considered in the selection process, showing the completion date

DNI or passport

Applications may be submitted at any time up to 30 September 2020 inclusive.

Failure to submit the afore mentioned documentation will result in the exclusion of the candidate, although any defect in the documentation may be correct within the period facilitated for the purpose.
For purposes of the evaluation process, only the information included in the curriculum vitae by the deadline for submitting applications will be taken into account. Subsequent update of information included in this will not be possible.