One ESR Dating Researcher permanent position is offered at the CENIEH

DEADLINE: 26 April 2020
POSITION: Electron Spin Resonance Dating Researcher
AREA: Research
PROCEDURE: Public call by public competition


1. General guidelines
The selection process will be carried out through the competitive merit system, with respect to the constitutional principles of freedom of competition, equality, merit, capacity and publicity, with the evaluations and scores specified below, in the corresponding section and annex

The date of incorporation shall be, preferably, in the second half of 2020.

2. Purpose of the contract and functions to be developed:
Within the Scientific Area, and reporting to the Research Program Coordinator: Geochronology and Geology, the researcher will undertake the following tasks, among others:

  •  To develop the electron spin resonance dating line of research, maintaining the capacities and characteristics of the Laboratory up to date, as well as methods to enhance the analytic capacity in the field of geochronology.
  • To this end, they shall bear the following responsibilities:
    • Supervise and direct the research activities of the Electron Spin Resonance Laboratory.
    • Create and implant analytic protocols.
    • Conduct and supervise the development and implantation of the dating method.
    • ln coordination with the Laboratory technician:
      • Collaborate in providing services to users of the infrastructure and technical advice about the use and applications of the available usable and appropriate instrumental techniques, supporting the services. Advise, when requested, on the compilation of reports, and co-sign them where applicable.
      • Comply with good Laboratory safety and hygiene practices.
      • Collaborate on the efficacy and continuous improvement of the Laboratory through its Quality Management System.
      • Carry out correct waste management, when appropriate.
      • Participate in the training, dissemination and consultancy programs of the Laboratory.
    • ln general, to furnish support to and facilitate the work of the Laboratory Manager.
    • Direct and/or participate in competitive and single projects for funding calls, public or private, and/or contracts. Capture of external resources that support and enhance their line of research. .
    • Training and development of in-training research personnel, supervision of doctoral theses and master’s dissertations, tutoring, participation in master’s and training courses for university personnel, etc…
    • Scientific publications, emphasizing quality over quantity: SCI and non-SCl papers, books, book chapters, etc… .
    • Scientific dissemination of their research: participation in conferences, organization of congresses, workshops, events, etc… o
    • Collaboration on the international profile of the Center: collaborations with centers of prestige, integration into international networks, etc… .
    • Supporting the infrastructure of the Center, open to the scientific, technological and industrial community.
    • ln general, to furnish support to and facilitate the supervision of the Program Coordinator and the Director.
    • Any other tasks proper to their scope or, where appropriate, their professional group, that are necessary to meet the objectives of the position, the Laboratory, and the Center.

3. Requirements of candidates:
Minimum requirements that applicants must meet on the day of the deadline for submission ofapplications:

  • Doctorate in Geological Sciences, Physics, Chemistry or other areas related to the study of human evolution and Quaternary chronostratigraphy.

Requirements, among others, to be evaluated in the selection process:

  • Post-doctoral research experience in the field of spin resonance dating in relation to human evolution and chronostratigraphy of the Quaternary
  • Documented experience and technical skills in the use of spin resonance spectrometers (Q-band and X-band), and the collection and preparation of samples in the laboratory
  • Advanced level of scientific-technical English (B2). ln the event that Spanish is not the applicant’s mother tongue, the same shall undertake to speak and understand that language within a period of no more than 1 year from their incorporation.
  • Personal skills and ability to interact and collaborate with scientists, technicians or users from different disciplines. Capacity to adapt to the organization and procedures of the Center and the ICTS (Singular Scientific and Technical lnfrastructure).

4. Applications:
Those who would like to participate in this process should send the following documentation, indicating the reference of the position applied for, via the CENIEH website, by email to the address, or else by regular mail to the address: Paseo Sierra de Atapuerca, 3  09002 Burgos, Spain:

Curriculum vitae including the experience required.
Doctoral degree certificate for its consideration in the selection process.
Research Statement (maximum 2 pages) including their compatibility with the support required for the Laboratory services and projects and research plans to be conducted at the CENIEH if required by the job position.
Employment history issued by the Tesorería de la Seguridad Social, or equivalent certificates for those who have worked in another country.
Two letters of reference
DNI or passport

Applications may be submitted at any time up to April 26th 2020 included.

Failure to submit the aforementioned documentation will result in the exclusion of the candidate, although any defect in the documentation may be corrected within the period facilitated for the purpose. For purposes of the evaluation process, only the information included in the curriculum vitae on the closing date of the deadline for submitting applications will be taken into account. Subsequent update of information included in this will not be possible.