One permanent position of support technician for the Conservation and Restoration laboratory is offered by the CENIEH

DEADLINE: 20 November 2019
POSITION: Conservator – Restorer
AREA: Technical
PROCEDURE: Public call for selection by competitive examination


1. General guidelines
The selection process has been convened for one position of support technician for the Conservation and Restoration Laboratory, a post within the structure and therefore for an indefinite term, with a trial period of three months. The selection process will be carried out through the competitive merit system, respecting the constitutional principles of equality, merit, capacity and transparency.

The date of incorporation is estimated to be during February 2020

2. Purpose of the contract and functions to be developed:
Within the Technical Area, and reporting to the Conservation and Restoration Laboratorytechnician, the person appointed will undertake the following tasks, among others:

  • The main function and responsibility of this contract will be the conservation and restoration of archaeological and paleontological materials, and other services requested within this scope.
  • Write and approve/sign reports on interventions.
  • Follow the work methods and quality controls necessary to ensure correct development of work completed in the laboratory
  • Contribute to the development and continuous improvement of the laboratory through the Quality Management System, in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.
  • Comply with good laboratory safety and hygiene practices.
  • Manage and control perishable and inventorizable material.
  • Control entry and exit of material undergoing treatment.
  • Train, and authorize when necessary, technical personnel or personnel in training to manage equipment or carry out work or training programs conducted in the Conservationand Restoration Laboratory

3. Requirements of candidates:
Minimum requirements that applicants must meet on the day of the deadline for submission ofapplications:

  • Undergraduate degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Archaeological Assets, or similar degrees. Qualifications obtained abroad must beaccompanied by documentation that proves the equivalence of those foreign higher educationqualifications to an academic level of at least a bachelor’s degree in the branches ofknowledge and fields specific to the requirements
  • Minimum professional experience of two years in conservation and restoration of archaeological and paleontological materials.
  • Advanced office lT. Use of image design and processing programs (CorelDRAW orequivalent). Use of Databases (FileMaker, ACCESS or equivalent).
  • Personal skills and ability to work on a team toward a common goal;communication and organization of the work entrusted in interdisciplinary teams (scientists,technicians or users from different disciplines). Competence and responsibility directed to the application and achievement of professional standards for conservation-restoration: criteria,methodology, deontology. Scientific-technical aptitude. Resolution, autonomy, efficiency skills. Potential (aptitude for learning) and drive.

Assessable requirements (not exclusionary) detailed in Phases 2 and 3 of Annex I

4. Applications:
Those who would like to participate in this process should send the following documentation, indicating the reference of the position applied for, via the CENIEH website, by email to the address, or else by regular mail to the address: Paseo Sierra de Atapuerca, 3  09002 Burgos, Spain:

Curriculum vitae detailing training and experienc
Academic degree or certification to be considered in the selection process, showing thecompletion date
Employment history issued by the Tesorería de la Seguridad Social, or equivalentcertificates for those who have worked in another country
– Details of at least one professional contact from the applicant’s record for reference requests.
DNI or passport

Applications may be submitted at any time up to 20 November 2019 inclusive.

Failure to submit the afore mentioned documentation will result in the exclusion of the candidate, although any defect in the documentation can be correct in the new term given. For purposes of the evaluation process, only the information included in the curriculum vitae on the closing date of the deadline for submitting applications will be taken into account. Subsequent update of information included in these documents will not be possible.